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With stringent sire testing and planned mating programs, Gelbvieh cattle have been moulded into a superior dual purpose animal for beef and milk production.


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About Gelbvieh cattle

Gelbvieh cattle are well-balanced, long-bodied and well-fleshed beef production units. The meat carries well down the hind quarters of these moderately framed animals. Gelbvieh cattle have strong, well-placed limbs which stand on dark, hard hooves. While originally a horned, light brown, totally pigmented animal, through selective upgrading programs, Gelbvieh producers have also introduced polled and black genetics into the breed.

Fullblood Gelbvieh - direct descendants of animals registered in the German Gelbvieh Herd Book. These animals have been parent verified from the first imports registered in the Canadian Gelbvieh Herd Book to the present.

Purebred Gelbvieh - these are animals that have been bred up to purebred status from foundation stock. A purebred Gelbvieh female animal is 88% Gelbvieh (3 generation cross) and a purebred male animal is 94% (4 generation cross) or the offspring of two purebred Gelbvieh animals or a purebred Gelbvieh and a Fullblood Gelbvieh animal.

Balancer® - are registered hybrid seedstock and have documented pedigrees and EPDs. These are the offspring of a registered purebred or Fullblood Gelbvieh or a registered Balancer animal and a registered Angus animal (Red or Black). Balancer animals are 50% to 75% Gelbvieh genetics.

Hybrid Gelbvieh - these are the offspring of a registered purebred or Fullblood Gelbvieh or a registered Balancer animal and a registered animal of any other beef breed. Hybrid animals are 50% to 75% Gelbvieh genetics.

Percentage Gelbvieh - these animals are less than 88% for females and 94% for males in the upgrading program which has been using unregistered or commercial animals mated to a registered purebred or Fullblood Gelbvieh animal.

Gelbvieh are the performance plus maternal European beef breed.

Through performance measurement, genetic selection, and appropriate management techniques, Gelbvieh producers, both purebred & commercial, strive to exceed consumer expectations for delicious beef products. Gelbvieh have a high rate of gain with one of the best feed efficiencies in the industry and will supply the carcass that today's packers and consumers demand.

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